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Air samplers:
 JL-10-24 Lilliput, 10 m³/h
   - battery operated
 Dwarf 100x9, 130 m³/h
   - portable
 JL-150 Hunter, 150 m³/h
   - stationary use
 JL-400 Watchman, 400 m³/h
   - vertical particle filter
 JL-500 Cinderella.G2, 500 m³/h
   - automated systems
 JL-900 Snow White, 900 m³/h
   - early warning systems

Fallout samplers:

Special products:
 Rain analyzer
 Mobile in field equipment

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 High Volume Air Sampler

 JL-900 Snow White


   JL-900 Snow White is a high volume air sampler produced for continuous outdoors use with specialised models for a range of ambient conditions; from tropics to arctic. Snow White has been proven to be able to operate in the tropical rain as well as in the heavy snow storm. Standard Snow White version is designed to work down to -25°C. For the harder conditions (-40°C) we produce models Snow White.cold or Snow White.Arctic.

The high flow rate of up to 900 m³/h allows for low level analysis in the micro-bequerel range. Snow White is one of the most accurate high volume air samplers in the world. Snow White is also one of the few commercially available samplers that has been tested and approved in wind tunnel for global collection efficiency (CTBTO). All models can be equipped with a separate calibrated activated carbon line to enable sampling gaseous substances.

 Technical data

 Dimensions l x h x w  1950 x 1000 (ball 1610) x 800 (ball 1070) mm 
 Weight  ~400 kg 
 Cover material  GRP, glass reinforced plastics 
 Baseframe material  Stainless steel 
 Pump  Gas Ring Vacuum 
 Pump control  Frequency converter or soft starter 
 Power  9.0 - 9.2 kW standard 
 14.6 kW arctic 
 Vacuum max.  190 mbar 
 Voltage  3-phase 400 VAC / 50 Hz 
 3-phase 200 VAC / 60 Hz 
 Main filter flow max.  900 m³/h, filter dependent 
 Particle filter size  570 x 460 mm 
 Particle filter types  Whatman GF/A 
 Camfil A500G 
 Machery-Nagel-MN 85/90 
 Petrianov FPP-15-1.5 
 3M E666,BMF20,W/1,1.6OZ PP 
 Display unit values  Pressure difference, Pascal 
 Current airflow, m³/h 
 Total volume, m³ 
 Total time, hh:mm:ss 
 Data storage  Non-volatile memory for total volume and time over one sampling