SENYA Air Samplers

Air samplers:
 JL-10-24 Lilliput, 10 m³/h
   - battery operated
 Dwarf 100x9, 130 m³/h
   - portable
 JL-150 Hunter, 150 m³/h
   - stationary use
 JL-400 Watchman, 400 m³/h
   - vertical particle filter
 JL-500 Cinderella.G2, 500 m³/h
   - automated systems
 JL-900 Snow White, 900 m³/h
   - early warning systems

Fallout samplers:

Special products:
 Rain analyzer
 Mobile in field equipment

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 Fallout Sampler



   Ritva 300 is a fallout sampler allowing sampling of wet precipitation of up to 20 liters. For cold environments the system can be equipped with additional heating.

 Technical data

 Frame material  AISI 304 stainless steel 
 AISI 316 stainless steel upon request 
 Canister heater frame material  Anodized aluminium 
 Weight  40.6 kg 
 Voltage  230V/50Hz 
 other voltages available upon request 
 Interior insulation  15 mm polyethylene foam 
 Standard heater power 400W 
 Heater plate max. surface temperature  90 °C (in room temperature without canister) 
 Recommended canister size  10-20 liters 
 Recommended canister material  polyethylene 100-110 °C