Air samplers:
JL-10-24 Lilliput, 10 m³/h
- battery operated
Dwarf 100x9, 130 m³/h
- portable
JL-150 Hunter, 150 m³/h
- stationary use
JL-400 Watchman, 400 m³/h
- vertical particle filter
JL-500 Cinderella.G2, 500 m³/h
- automated systems
JL-900 Snow White, 900 m³/h
- early warning systems
Goblin200, 200 m³/h
- arctic radiation monitoring

Fallout samplers:
Ritva300, 1x ⌀300 mm
- cold environments
Pirkko800, 2x ⌀800 mm
- dry and wet precipitation

Special products:
- air flow volume meter
- station software

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 Fallout Sampler



   Pirkko800 Fallout Sampler is an automatic stainless steel enclosed device meant for collecting rainwater and dry air particles into their separate containers, which are automatically covered by a motorized steel lid as weather changes. For cold environments the system can be equipped with additional heating.

 Technical data

 Dimensions l x h x w 
 stairs and lid extended 
 2100 x 1670 x 1860 mm 
 Supply voltage  220-240 VAC 50 Hz 
 other voltages available upon request 
 Power  200 W 
 Frame material  AISI 316 stainless steel 
 Other major interior materials  Anodized aluminium 
 AISI 304 stainless steel 
 Net weight  400 kg 
 Canisters supplied with sampler  two 30 l canisters 
 Wet canister platform size  604 x 690 mm 
 Wet canister max. height  668 mm 
 Sampling area, each side  0.5 m2