SENYA Air Samplers

Air samplers:
 JL-10-24 Lilliput, 10 m³/h
   - battery operated
 Dwarf 100x9, 130 m³/h
   - portable
 JL-150 Hunter, 150 m³/h
   - stationary use
 JL-400 Watchman, 400 m³/h
   - vertical particle filter
 JL-500 Cinderella.G2, 500 m³/h
   - automated systems
 JL-900 Snow White, 900 m³/h
   - early warning systems

Fallout samplers:

Special products:
 Rain analyzer
 Mobile in field equipment

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 Portable Battery Operated Air Sampler

 JL-10-24 Lilliput


   JL-10-24 Lilliput is a battery operated, robust portable air sampler designed for fast responses and independent operations. With a flow rate of up to 12 m³/h it is the perfect tool where representative samples are needed quickly. User friendly filter change.

 Technical data

 Dimensions l x h x w  300 x 175 x 165 mm 
 Weight  c. 10 kg 
 Material  Anodized aluminum 
 Voltage  24 VDC with 2x12V/7Ah batteries 
 Can be used directly from electrical network via battery charger. 
 Chargers available for 110V/60Hz - 230V/50Hz 
 Filters  ∅110 mm and ∅100 mm standard 
 STUK ∅77 mm laminated 
 ∅47 mm with adapter 
 activated carbon with adapter 
 Pump  90W Gas Ring Vacuum 
 Filter flow max.  ~12 m³/h 
 Pump life expectancy  20.000 - 25.000 hours 
 Operating temperature  -10 to +40 C 
 Short samples outside permitted range are allowed. 
 Max. operating relative humidity  95% 
 Approximate battery duration  1,5h at 10-12 m³/h 
 2,5h at 9 m³/h 
 4h at 7 m³/h 
 Battery full recharge time  ~8 hours 
 Display unit values  Pressure difference, Pascal 
 Current airflow, m³/h 
 Total volume, m³ 
 Total time, hh:mm:ss 
 Data storage  Total volume and time over one sampling 
 Optional accessories  Tripod 
 Rain cover 
 Multipurpose adapter for: 
 - ∅47 filters 
 - activated carbon cartridge 
 - straight pipe thread 1 ½" x 11,5TPI