Air samplers:
JL-10-24 Lilliput, 10 m³/h
- battery operated
Dwarf 100x9, 130 m³/h
- portable
JL-150 Hunter, 150 m³/h
- stationary use
JL-400 Watchman, 400 m³/h
- vertical particle filter
JL-500 Cinderella.G2, 500 m³/h
- automated systems
JL-900 Snow White, 900 m³/h
- early warning systems
Goblin200, 200 m³/h
- arctic radiation monitoring

Fallout samplers:
Ritva300, 1x ⌀300 mm
- cold environments
Pirkko800, 2x ⌀800 mm
- dry and wet precipitation

Special products:
- air flow volume meter
- station software

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 Movable Air Sampler

 JL-150 Hunter


   JL-150 Hunter is a versatile medium range air sampler with a standard flow rate of 150 m³/h. Designed for continuous operation both indoors and outdoors. The system is light enough to be transported by two people, allowing easy relocation between different sampling locations. Hunters spacious stainless steel enclosure combined with a programmable frequency converter makes it easy to modify as necessary. With a variety of pumps, Hunter can be customized for flow ranges of 8 to 175 m³/h with various options for preset speeds or PID control.

 Technical data

   Standard  FC-model  FCPLC-model 
 Dimensions l x h x w  460 x 830 x 460 mm 
 Weight  c. 75 kg 
 Pump type  Gas ring vacuum 
 Voltage  230V 50Hz 
 Other voltages upon request 
 Power 1.5 kW  1.6 kW 
 Pump control  Direct 1-speed  Frequency converter  PLC + frequency converter 
 Standard max. flow volume  150 m³/h 
 Standard filter size  230×285mm 
 Carbon cartridge volume  0.5 l 
 Construction materials  Stainless steel 
 Anodized aluminum 
 Measurement principle  Differential pressure over calibrated orifice 
 Display unit values  Pressure difference, Pascal 
  Current airflow, m³/h 
 Total volume, m³ 
 Total time, hh:mm:ss 
 Particle filter types  Whatman GF/A 
 Camfil A500G 
 Machery-Nagel-MN 85/90 
 Petrianov FPP-15-1.5 
 3M E666,BMF20,W/1,1.6OZ PP